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Everything on this site, my blogs, my stores and my galleries, is protected by copyright laws.  All designs, art, digital stamps, photographs and writings remain the intellectual property and copyright of Tori Beveridge.  If you would like to license my art please contact me at tori.bosques at gmail.com

If you do not understand copyrights and would like to learn more about it, please read my Copyright Lessons.  They were written for the tagging community who use tubed art, so some parts of the lessons will be directed to that community.  You may link to these lessons.  You may NOT post them on your site, blog, whatever.  The ONLY group/site permitted to display these lessons onsite is The Zone Groups.

Copyright Lesson 1      Copyright Lesson 2      Copyright Lesson 3      Copyright Lesson 4 

 2012 News - Crudoodles Digital Stamps - Angel Policy    

All Free Crudoodles are for personal use, in your own personal creations ONLY.

Purchased Crudoodle Digital Stamps are subject to all of the rules listed here.  You may make individual colored cards and paper crafts which may be sold on a small scale per item basis (please include a credit of copyright by Tori Beveridge www.cruzines.com)

Mass production of packs of cards for sale, using the same image is not permitted.

You may not make commercial online products with any of my Crudoodles and sell them.  This includes for example, products on Zazzle and similar stores.  You may not make clear and rubber stamps with them.

Crudoodles are not to be included in CDs for sale or in stamp swaps.

It is not necessary to give credit on handmade items, given as gifts, but it would be nice.  (eg.  my name on the back of the card)  I would appreciate a link back when you are displaying your handmade creation online.

Please do not share any of the Crudoodle files with others.  You may link back to the free Crudoodles on my blog.  You may pin the free Crudoodles on my blog.  You may link and pin the Crudoodles in the store.

You may not claim Crudoodles to be your own.All freebieare for personal use, in your own personal creations ONLY.

July 2010 News - Tubes

 I am now licensed with Artistic Dreams Imaging.  You may purchase my art as tubes through them.  This is a lifetime license. 

Anyone who bought my tubes previously from AMI, may, of course, still use them with their AMI License.  Your license is a lifetime license.  The terms of use still apply.

You may not use any of my art without a license with the following exceptions:

The tubes included for download in my PSP tutorials, may be used to complete the tags in the tutorials but for no other work.

The tubes posted here are for everyone to use according to Artistic Dreams Imaging Terms of Use. You do not need an ADI licence to use these tubes, but I highly suggest you obtain one.  It is free and easy to obtain.  My copyright MUST appear on all completed tags or stationery etc..  You may use either Tori B. or Tori Beveridge.

If you use my free tubes from the ADI site, you must have an ADI license to use them.  The license is free.


I will allow my art to be displayed, whole and unaltered, as long as your site is non-profit and you credit me properly by including my name and a working text or banner link to http://www.cruzines.com next to the image(s).

Thank you so much for all of your support. If you have any concerns or questions regarding my Terms of Use, please feel free to

Tori Beveridge


Click on preview to download tube.

My copyright MUST appear on everything using these tubes and images.

Please visit Artistic Dreams Imaging for more free tubes in their Freebie Section


New Tube added March 3rd, 2012

 5 New Tubes added May 14th, 2007
(these tubes were originally used for a contest on AMI MSN, the beginning of May and now are released for all to use)

Little Miss Sunshine from my gallery added March 13th, 2007
This image is not tubed.

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